Monday, February 14, 2011

Love letter

It's been a rough couple of weeks. Lots of drama at work (the least of which though perhaps the most entertaining involved a horrifying breast milk/wardrobe malfunction. But that's a story for another time). The girls were sick - two bad colds and one ear infection causing two trips to the doctor and a week of sleepless nights. And of course, I continue to think just getting myself and my two babies out the door and back in again every day is a feat in and of itself. Every night, I really think I deserve a medal. (But who really wants a medal? I reward myself with ice cream instead!)

So needless to say, Valentine's Day was not high on my priority list this year. Not that it ever really is, but this year, I didn't even have the energy to look through the cards at Kroger and pick one out for Roger. When I told Roger this, he was more than okay with overlooking the holiday altogether. I am 100% confident that this does not say something horrible about my marriage. In fact, I' m more in love with my husband today than I was yesterday. And after nine years together (our anniversary is in two weeks!), I can truly say that each day it just continues to get better.

So while I didn't have the energy to pick out a Valentine for him, I do want to spend the ten minutes I have before the girls wake up composing this little love letter to him. Because he is truly amazing, and I can't help but want to shout from the rooftops how incredible the man I married is.

I never doubt for a second how much he loves me and our babies, because he shows us in all the right ways. Yes, he tells me he loves me multiple times every day, but I know it's true because my travel coffee cup and the girls' bag of bottles is waiting for me in the car every morning, because we take turns getting up with the girls at night when they're sick, because he volunteers to do the grocery shopping so I don't have to, because he cleans the bottles when we get home while I spend precious moments with our babies, because he helps me bathe and feed them every night, because he reads the story and sings the lullabye with me, because he cooks dinner while I prepare the bottles for the next day, because he helps me with the laundry, because at least once a week he says "Thank you for taking such good care of our girls." Seriously, if you read a book with a husband like Roger in it, you probably wouldn't believe the character was realistic. He's just almost too good to be true.

So this is my love letter to him. Because I don't know if I'm as good at showing it as he is, but I love him more than I could ever express in words.

And now I'll shut up about how great I have it...I'd hate to make other husbands look bad!